An argument for the possibility of homosexual conversion therapy

There is a phenomenon that has become quite common in recent times which seems to have been passed over as having no sociological significance, but which if real would create a logical conundrum for those who insist that there is no possible way that a homosexual man may successfully turn himself into a heterosexual. The phenomenon spoken of is that there are now many men who lived the initial portion of their lives as heterosexual and desiring women who now find themselves as homosexual and desiring men. If they have successfully converted from straight to gay, why wouldn’t it be possible for a man to convert from gay to straight?

Outrightly many may object that all the empirical studies have demonstrated that attempts at homosexual conversion are all failures, and that there is exists no good method for such a thing. Whether this is true or whether there is a suppression of accounts of real success and working methods I do not know, but what should be pointed out is that if it is true it should come as no surprise that the scientific community has not developed a working method since they have made no effort to do so. Their efforts have been directed at suppressing and marginalizing anyone who has tried.

Let us concede for a moment that it may not be possible for a homosexual man to eliminate entirely his carnal urges towards men, would this mean that he is forever doomed not to be able to fully function in a heterosexual relationship? This is hardly an ambitious goal compared to the work being done in the medical field helping people with countless different types of disabilities and abnormalities find a way to normally function, yet uniquely the effort to help a homosexual function as he wishes is shunned as malpractice despite there being many who urgently seek such help towards this end.

Now let us take back that concession and posit a different assumption, that the degree to which any man in history has ever successfully eliminated his homosexual desires indicates a similar possibility for any man. If the scientific community focused on these successes and used them as proof of the potential for conversion rather than disregarding them as meaningless, then the interpretation of the empirical studies would be flipped on its head. Consider how many failures and damaged people there are who have attempted to undergo “gender conversion,” yet the medical community marches on insisting that they will perfect their methods and reduce such causalities in the future.

The aim of medicine supposedly is to help people function as best as possible, and there are many instances in modern medicine where it is legal to treat a person based simply on their desire to change themselves such as cosmetic surgery and hormone treatment. The desire to change one’s sexual orientation should be no different, and there seems to be no objection towards the notion that a heterosexual man may wish to become bisexual or homosexual, but if a homosexual man wishes to be heterosexual, then the medical community refuses to help him.