Men are to blame for all social ills

There is always a great benefit in being able to identify the origin of a disease, and when we are speaking of a social disease, as we are now, the pathology inevitably begins with a generation of men and their failure to uphold the virtues of their fathers. If we are attempting to answer the age old question of the chicken or the egg, we can rest assured that in fact it all started with the rooster, who didn’t take good care of the chicken or the chick.

Women instinctively crave to be disciplined and put in place by strong virile men. Further, they will instinctively misbehave and become increasingly deviant when they do not receive any such proper instruction in the effort to capture the attention of men outside their social circles who will set them in order where the men they knew did not. Therefore, women are never to blame for the degeneration of society since their anti-social behavior is always the product of the failure of men.

In such a trend as cohabitation, a three dimensional failure of men must occur for such arrangements to become widespread: 1) the fathers of the women who choose such an arrangement did not properly instruct their daughters 2) the men who dishonorably took women into their living space choose to live irresponsibly and selfishly 3) the men who govern society failed to punish and censure such behavior. Had even one of these groups of men upheld their duty then it would only be a very rare kind of woman who would ever find herself in the cohabitation situation.

The state of things has become so desperate that in recent generations many young women have never been exposed to the character of a strong upright man. They do not even have a conception of what that would be and in its place are confused images like Disney princes and Hollywood movie stars. It is no wonder then that so many are joining the feminist creed and that their movement is becoming increasingly vicious and extreme.

As it is for the physician who after identifying the cause of disease in the body may now competently seek after its cure, so it is with us who wish to fix social diseases. As the cause of our social ills has been accurately identified, now remains the need to articulate the treatment and that most clearly is for men to put aside their negligent ways and take upon their moral duties in the tradition of their forefathers. In this way only can the degenerate trend be corrected and society restored to health.