Passivity Drains Virility – watching pornography makes men weak

The aim of this commentary is not to enumerate all the harmful and damaging effects that watching pornography has on the male psyche because that has been discussed thoroughly elsewhere. Instead, the focus here is on an aspect of that behavior which has been little treated or discussed, and yet this particular aspect is the central component to pornography’s emasculating influence. This being that watching pornography is a vicarious activity; it is passive; it is watching another man do something while doing nothing yourself.

Now there is nothing wrong in general with men being spectators of the activity of other men. To watch sports can be inspiring, to watch a lecture can be thought provoking, to watch a man perform his skill can be educational and instructive, although in each case the watching man is not mentally idle, they are mentally activity, observing and integrating what they are seeing. However, this is not the case with pornography.

Consider for a moment the oddity of the scenario that a man would walk into a room to watch another man have sex with a woman. Such things do exist, but they are a fringe behavior and a perverse fetish which attracts few and is rightfully so a social taboo. Ironically, pornography is in effect psychologically the same thing, only differing by the virtually and distance between the voyeur and actor.

If it is understood that virility is in essence the drive towards and potential for power and action, then it should be quite clear why this voyeuristic behavior depletes a man’s connection with his own masculine force. The sexual instinct in particular has been established by Nature to be a man’s way of connecting with his virility, and if used in a the straight forward and natural way it has ample benefits towards the flow of masculine potency. When watching pornography there is a incomplete expression of the sexual instinct as it allows the voyeur no sense that he himself is actively the one who is the sexual being. The actor instead becomes the one who has the power and the voyeur is merely feeding off his work.

When this behavior becomes habitual there develops an association between the passivity and impotency of the watching, with the payoff of sexual gratification. As a result the chain of motivation: sexual drive to effective action to stimulating the desire of a woman is broken. Instead a new chain is established, that being: sexual drive to watching another man fulfill himself. Lost in this new chain is all the force which propels men towards strength, virtue, action and all things masculine.