The anti-social and degenerative effect of “yoga pants”

To be an upright gentleman in society is a constant challenge in any environment because the passions relentlessly pull the mind of men towards the lower and more carnal view of women. When there is good etiquette, modest dress and a wholesome atmosphere the passions can be kept at bay and men and women will be able relate to one another in a healthy dynamic. These conditions are seldom seen these days and the result is that the relations between men and women in modern society have become chaotic and neurotic.

What is true of yoga pants and their revealing qualities is generally true of all risqué dress and sexual signaling that women may partake in, however there seems to be something unique about yoga pants in that society does not even acknowledge its risqué nature. The memory of the writer is that in the 1990’s the then popular form of women revealing their bodies was showing the mid-drift and that this was somewhat controversial between the older generation of women and the younger, but in any case it was openly acknowledged to be an immodest form of dress. Then in the 2000’s the mid-drift focus was replaced with the low-cut blouse or shirt with women bringing men’s attention to their cleavage. There was a considerable amount of sensitivity about just how much was too much and quite often if a women revealed what was considered too much it was to the detriment of her reputation.

Towards the 2010’s, the cleavage fashion was usurped by a new trend towards wearing skin tight pants of a spandex material, colloquially called “yoga pants” with the shape and form of the woman’s buttocks and lower body being the aim of impression. Even though it is openly acknowledged by men just how sexually stimulating they find “yoga pants” there never was the equivalent caution by society to regulate this effect as there was with the previous trends. The explanation for why this is exceeds the scope of this article, and that will not be discussed at this time, instead it is the aim of the writer to detail the psychological effect on a man having to traverse society with this yoga pants phenomenon as ubiquitous as it is.

When a man sees an attractive woman wearing “yoga pants” the effect is that his lower brain and carnal view of her as a sexual object is stimulated almost as fully as possible. Not only are “yoga pants” revealing of the women’s body, sometimes being a near perfect outline of her hips and legs, as if she were naked, they in particular bring the attention downward away from her face and thus her personality. This was not as true of the previous trends which kept the focus from the torso up leaving the face and personality a fighting chance to still make an impression.

When encountering an attractive woman wearing “yoga pants” men are in a precarious position were they to wish to relate to these women in an upright gentlemanly manner. Since their passions are being hyper stimulated they are for the most part left to choose between two options: a) suppress their sexuality and remain polite; or b) relate to her in a way which is too sexualized for a decent civil ethic. Neither choice is desirable for either the man or woman and the overall result is a psychic fragmentation in the relation of the sexes. Women find the men who choose the polite path to appeal to their need for a socialized, well-behaved masculine energy, but they remain in need of exposure to the men choosing the carnal path to experience a potent and virile masculine energy. It should remain obvious why this arrangement is far inferior to what existed in the past when a single gentleman would appeal to both types of masculine energy.