The rise of career women is not social progress

Time and time again the creed of feminism is heard championing the growing portion of women who opt against dedicating their lives to their families and communities to instead join the workforce. There is a particular glorification when such women take upon years of training and achieve success in a professional career, even when doing so means that hardly any of their time or energy would be left over for childrearing. This reorganization of the workforce is considered by such advocates as the greatest proof of the modern world’s progress over past eras and most oddly enough as an improvement for the condition of women.

It seems there has developed a cultural amnesia as to the reasoning behind the separation of the sexes in past eras. The assignment of men to worldly tasks and women to domestic tasks was not as many now claim a collective attempt by men to subject women and dominate them, but rather it served as the necessary means by which society could function and regenerate. Perhaps, the amnesia here has gone beyond the cultural to biological amnesia, and it has been forgotten that women alone are capable of bearing and rearing children, and men who do not have such ability must find something else that is useful to do. Thus, all societies, excepting modernity, have by nature, instinctively organized so that the most important thing: the raising of children and familial duties was assigned to women, and whatever else needs to be done so that these children are protected, housed and fed was assigned to men.

There is even a further amnesia here which is likely the most severe of all, and that is the forgetting of what social progress would actually mean. A society isn’t better because there are so many more doctors and lawyers and professionals that the workforce has doubled in size to now include men and women. That is only a busier society, not a better society. A society would be better if there were less doctors and less demand of medicine in total because people are so healthy that they are in no need of such things. Similarly, if dealings between individuals and organizations were so straightforward and honest that hardly ever was there a lawsuit between parties, such a society would be a vast improvement over ours in legal dealings, despite its lack of need for lawyers. If our modern world was really on the track of social progress, not only would we not see women working, we would men working less, because there would be that much less work necessary to do to meet our needs and our surplus time and energy could be spent on ennobling ourselves, our families and our communities.

Once virtue is no longer the criteria by which society is measured, all sorts of opulence, grandiosities and indulgences take over as the prevailing cultural preoccupations. This decadence has been seen in ages past, such as during the later periods of the Roman Empire and 18th century Europe, but never has it reached such levels as in our modern age. The neurosis of our time has grown so outrageous, and the hunger for power so great, that a woman who chooses to remain a housewife is given the stigma of being considered a failure compared to her career tromping peers in the eyes of modern judgement.

The real failure here is towards our future generation, who have become an afterthought to the pursuit of gain and status, but who inevitably must replace their busy parents and have children of their own someday. The preparation for this responsibility is not an automatic biological process, it requires communities and families to effectively function, and since they aren’t, we are seeing fewer and fewer new adults actually able to take on such roles as father and mother, despite the increasing amount of women who have taken on the role of lawyer or doctor. It doesn’t seem like the advocates of such things have a sustainable plan.